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I have to say this off the bat… I had many Brides telling me they regret not having a videographer for their wedding or the bride tries to hire one the last minute.

Do no underestimate the power of cinema. Everyone pays money to go to the movies, watches endless YouTube videos or has several online streaming Chanels providing them with great content. The simple fact that you can hear your speeches, vows and laughs should mean everything and if not now, then maybe in your 70’s.

“Listening to his nervous and shaky voice as he promises his love to you”

This is the moment—the heart of your wedding. Your photos will be amazing, capturing every emotion. From his nervous, shaky voice saying, “I ____ take you to be my husband” to the heartfelt promise of love and honor. It might not feel crucial now, but this is the only time your loved ones witness your fairy tale. While lost in each other’s eyes, you won’t see your family’s reactions, but don’t worry, it’s all recorded.

Now these moments are the best and make for great laughs! “Remember in college that one time, let’s not forget our trip to Vegas or I’ve known you since kindergarten.” Your Maid of honor/Best man toast will be a great memory for you as they share funny moments of your relationship. I’ve witness the touching speeches in which everyone in the hall cries or embarrassing speeches that have everyone say “WTF”!

None the less, reliving those great words spoken and aimed towards you will be a heart warming and treasured memory. If it’s your sister, Army buddy, Joey from first grade, or your mom and dad, either one would share memories of or declare how proud they are that you found someone who loves and adores you. Your wedding memories will only serve you so much especially after your 5th drink.

There might be a day when your little one asks you about your wedding. Kids are curious to see old photos of their younger mom and daddy. I’m sure when you press play and your daughter sees you walking down the aisle in your gorgeous wedding dress as daddy has tears rolling down his eye, that will make the moment priceless.

“Shaky cell phone video only go so far of hearing his words.”

In case you do write letters to each other you now have a little extra memorable moment you shared with him. Personally, I love when my bride & groom do a letter exchange because it makes the video a bit more personal outside of the vows. His letter to you almost always leaves him in tears. Hearing his words, how grateful he is to have you or how you mean the world to him and how he is ready to start a family with you. PRICELESS!!!!

One thing is having the photos of you exchanging letters but another is reading his words but watching him excited to start his new life with you makes it all worth it. Shaky cell phone videos can only go so far of hearing his words.

Unfortunately, we loose those we hold dearest to out hearts. I’ve been asked many times in the past if I have video of grandma, grandpa, Uncle Jerry or Aunt Becky. I know you can’t frame a video clip and the photos you have will be cherished but if you had the option of watching your grandma’s reaction as you walk out the room in your wedding dress for the first time or your dad and Grandpa as they share a laugh on the dance floor. Wouldn’t you love to have that?

It may happen that not everyone you love will be able to attend your wedding. Wedding videographer is a great way for everyone who didn’t make it to be a part of your ceremony. Sharing is caring!!! And it doesn’t matter if it’s a 5 hour video you send back to the old country or recap highlight film you can post on your social media, everyone wants to see you happy on your wedding day.

The flower girls make their way down the aisle in their cute dresses, dropping petals with every step they take. You can hear the” awww” and the camera flashes. The doors close and you’re next. Your wedding planer begins to fluff your dress then straightens your veil but your nervousness starts to overwhelm you and you squeeze your dad’s hand harder as you hear: “all rise!” The music plays and you take one last deep breath. The door opens up and you see everyone in your life that you love. You take one step forward and you lock eyes with him… your soon to be husband.

In my many years of experience, I have delivered many photos to my brides and they tell me they absolutely love them but only with video I had a bride wrote/call me crying after she watches her film for the first time.

“You take one step forward and you lock eyes with him… your soon to be husband.”

No photo will allow you to remember his trembling voice as he reads you his letter. An image will not capture the true tone of the moment he slides the ring on your finger to make it official. I promise you, the moment he starts to cry, you all wish you had more than just Aunt Jill’s zoomed in and grainy cell phone video. You will love hearing him telling you “I love you.” Just ask yourself, why wouldn’t you want to watch the day he took you as his wife?

“You will love hearing him telling you “I love you.”

Tequila shots, fireball shots, Grandpa does the cha-cha slide, cousin Mike hops on the stripper pole in the party bus, all the girls wrestling for your bouquet, mom has one to many mimosa, ring bearer runs in crying, dad unexpectedly cries when he see you for the first time, groom’s pants rip, bride maids go crazy when they hear” sweet Carolina,” and you can’t stop smiling from all the small amazing moments unfolding in front of you! Hiring a wedding videographer is a must for you special day!


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